Red Office Security & Surveillance product range delivers high performance intelligent systems that simplifies the process with minimized configuration steps. Securing the premises of your space as well as keeping a strict access control system is an integral to any organization’s success. Protecting the organization’s assets, fixed or intellectual, are a priority and key to its success. We provide highly sophisticated access control systems that would suit your needs and would help you ensure your assets are well protected. From detailed close circuit TV monitoring to access control systems to manage the overall security, we will ensure peace of mind for you.


Stay on track.

Ensure constant passenger and cargo flow, prepare yourself for any type of situation, spot threats and make difficult calls quickly with Red Office transportation surveillance.

Have peace of mind allowing you to:

  • Keep an eye on what’s going on at all times, no matter the size of space.
  • Respond quickly to disruptions or threats.
  • Spot any hijacking or bomb threat.
  • Evacuate in a timely manner.
  • Protect passengers & employees.
  • Monitor all areas including parking, terminals, shops, restaurants and more.
  • Effectively handle multiple systems from one platform.


Minimize your risk.

Industrial sites like factories, energy (oil and gas) production, utility sector, water supply, petroleum plants, chemical plants, power plants, mining, and warehouses can benefit greatly from the security provided by video surveillance.

Due to theft and terrorism threats, production, storage and transport of goods has become riskier. Red Office offers a wide range of products including explosion protected day/night cameras, infrared illuminators and long-distance cameras.

Manage challenges including:

  • Prevent possible terrorist attacks and vandalism.
  • Reduce theft.
  • Deal with fire and explosions.
  • Evacuate in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Detect intrusion, sabotage and malicious attacks.
  • Manage a wide variety of different access authorizations.
  • Cope with different extreme environments and weather conditions.

Banking & Finance

Maintain your customer’s trust.

Keeping banks safe and secure is the utmost necessity of this financial institution. To protect customers, staff, assets and premises is high priority for a bank and ZMR helps with exactly that.

Through ZMR banking surveillance systems:

  • Prevent robberies.
  • Investigate crime.
  • Prevent check fraud.
  • Combat “phantom ATM withdrawals”.
  • Coordinate info from multiple locations.
  • Integration with alarm systems.
  • Digital storage.

Hotels & Restaurants

Peace of mind for your guests.

As a hotelier, you’re responsible for the safety of your guests and staff. However, you need to strike a balance between giving guests peace of mind and their privacy.

With our solutions, you’ll find network video that:

  • Safeguard guests and staff.
  • Operate discreetly.
  • Protects guests, hotel property and employees.
  • Prevents theft.
  • Remain competitive.


Providing acute care.

Protect your clinics, hospitals, private practices, and pharmacies against theft, dishonest employees, liability suits and damage. We will work with you closely to ensure your surveillance system is specifically tailored to your requirements.

With a network video and access control solution from ZMR, you get a cost-efficient tool to:

  • Effectively monitor critical areas such as emergency rooms, psychiatry departments and restricted areas.
  • Prevent break-ins and dishonest insurance claims.
  • Quickly evaluate incidents and take appropriate actions.
  • Track staff movement within the facility.
  • Create a scalable and future-proof surveillance platform.
  • Safe keep medical records.
  • Ensure staff are meeting health and safety standards.


Safeguard the future.

Safety of kids is a primary concern for parents and school staff. A proper security system not only adds value to the educational institute, but also gives peace of mind to everyone. Violence or vandalism cases can be identified and managed on a better level through ZMR solutions.

Due to theft and terrorism threats, production, storage and transport of goods has become riskier. Red Office offers a wide range of products including explosion protected day/night cameras, infrared illuminators and long-distance cameras.

  • Increase the security for students and staff.
  • Prevent violence and theft.
  • Minimize the costs for vandalism.
  • Monitor visitors.

Safe Cities

Small steps. Big changes.

Feeling safe and secure is one of the main rights of any citizen. But environmental damage, criminal activity and budget constraints creates problems for citizens.

By implementing an integrated, digital surveillance system, you can:

  • See what’s happening across your whole city as it’s happening.
  • Effectively protect your citizens and property.
  • Enhance your city’s image.
  • Deter vandals and reduce reparation costs.
  • Reduce criminal investigation times by providing clear, high quality images.

Stadium and Convenient Centers

Manage large crowd in best way.

Managing criminal activities in a large crowd is a big challenge. Through ZMR surveillance, make sure such events are safe, that crowds remain in check, and that any threat of a large-scale disturbance such as terrorism is thwarted.

Video surveillance is an invaluable tool in helping to:

  • Ensure the safety of the fans, players, employees, and the facilities themselves.
  • Ensure safe entry and exit.
  • Prevent and/or responding to terrorism, rioting and vandalism.
  • Deal with fire and explosions.
  • Protect athletes and staff.
  • Manage a wide variety of different access authorizations.
  • Separate crowds.