Video Analytics



Video Analytics

We offer a wide range of video analytics software that fully integrate with our VMS offering, enabling security features such as facial recognition, license plate recognition (LPR), motion detection and access control as well as business intelligence and marketing tools such as people counting, queue management, heat maps, age and gender analysis and many more…


AI in the Box

  • AI in the BOX with IDIS Solution Suite
  • Compatible with IDIS Deep-Learning Analytics (IDLA)
  • 4U rack mount chassis
  • Analytics available with ISS IDLA up to 64 IP cameras

VA in the Box

  • 4 Channel VA box for business intelligence
    Engine: Heat map, people count, Queue management
  • Report generation & CSV export in IDIS center
  • Hot zone management, People traffic analysis, Store layout design

IDIS Enterprise NVR / NDAA Compliance

  • Pre-installed with IDIS Solution Suite VMS
  • Tested and validated with IDIS Solution Suite up to 256 Full HD H.264/H.265 IP cameras
  • Supports up to 256 Full HD cameras in real-time for enterprise-level surveillance systems
  • 1,024Mbps (128MBps) maximum recording bandwidth per server
    * Estimated performance based on NLSAS HDD measurements
  • Redundancy of power for mission-critical reliability


icetana motion intelligence™ is AI driven video analytics software that dramatically improves active monitoring of security surveillance networks. The video anomaly detection software self learns “normal” movement patterns then abnormal movement is highlighted in real-time, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond to both precursor activities and incidents.  icetana complements existing video management systems to remove noise and increase efficiency for operators and has a broad range of use cases across a growing number of industry verticals

Techno Aware

technologies, products and solutions for video analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Founded in 2003 from the University of Genoa’s ISIP40 Research Group,with more than 35 years of experience, competence and know how TechnoAware’s Team is one of the foremost experts worldwide in video analysis and Artificial Intelligence

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