Hanvon FaceGo VF3000 – Face Recognition with Face Mask Detection

  • Face Recognition with Face Mask Detection
  • User to Terminal Contactless Solution
  • Mifare RFID Card Access
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Hospitals and Private Clinics.
  • Offices and Companies.
  • Shops and Shopping Centers.

Hanvon FaceGo VF3000 is an Access Control Face Recognition Terminal. It allows registration through an existing photo and it detects whether users are wearing a mask when they check for verification.

The Hanvon FaceGo VF3000’s Face Recognition Technology allows identification on the go. Hence, it provides a contactless solution.

The terminal is not only slim (21.8mm), but also featuring an industrial IPS touch screen and a metal design. This makes it an ideal terminal for indoors installation, either wall mounted or in lathes.

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