Our Solutions

End-to-end Ip Video Solutions

professional Video and Storage Server

Video Wall and Central Monitoring Solutions up to 64,000 Cameras.

Video Data Infrastructure Solutions.

Deep Learning I Machine Learning Video Analytics

Safe City Solutions.

Modern,Secure and reliable Door Entry Solutions.

Photo Verification Indoor, Outdoor Intrusion Alarm Systems.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System for Sensitive Sites.

Integrated Audio for Perimeter, Asset Protection or any environment.

Radar and Drone based Perimeter Security Solutions.

Contact less Walk-through Method Face Recognition Access Controller.

Card, Fingerprint, Face, Iris,Palm type Access Controller.

Touch less Exit Button,QR Code Reader, Door Open Mobile App.

Trunstiles and all kind of Access Barrier. Human and Luggage Scanner.

Human and Luggage Scanner.

Parking Management covers Parking Barrier.

Two Way Audio Communications.

UVSS, ANPR, Parking Guidance and Billing Solutions.

Automatic Glass Door entry Solution.


Fire Detection Solutions.

Fire Protection Solutions.

Card and POS Printing Solutions.

Digital Signage and EAS Solutions.

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