Now With Improved Face Detection Algorithm

The industry’s first dual iris recognition system to employ face display-based subject positioning now incorporates a TOF sensor for even faster and more robust subject detection. Coupled with CMITech’s proprietary face detection algorithm, the EF-45NX’s user experience is faster, smoother, and highly intuitive.

  • Capture range of 32 to 45 cm in recognition mode
  • All image processing is done on internal ARM mainboard, including iris encoding (extraction) and matching
  • Data base of 10,000 subjects, with optional hardware configuration of 50,000 subjects
  • Comprehensive features for access control and time and attendance applications. Can also be utilized for all ID management applications.
  • Native Ethernet (TCP/IP) communications with USB connection option
  • Highly cost effective

The EF-45NX next generation dual iris imaging system provides unprecedented subject ease of use through a highly innovative and intuitive user positioning approach. Subjects will view their own face in a front-facing, high resolution 5.0 inch color display to position themselves correctly within the real-time graphic interface. They will intuitively and naturally move to the correct position by simply centering and sizing their face image to the box within the display. In addition, the positioning box and the top border turn green to indicate proper distance positioning, after which the iris biometrics images are automatically collected, provided that the real time image quality metrics are satisfied.

In addition, the system features an expansive capture range of 32 to 45 cm in recognition mode. Now, capturing highest quality iris biometrics images is fast, simple and fully intuitive for all subjects including non-acclimated ones.

The system also captures a high-quality face image simultaneously with iris image capture. On board face recognition is optional.

WiFi and card reader options are also available.


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