Dual Biometric Reader with RFID Option

Handsfree Walk-through

Duo’s facial recognition modality offers a handsfree experience, recognizing on-coming objects within a distance of 8 ft / 2.5 m and authenticating them while moving in under a second – there is no need to even stop.

A wide authentication angle ensures quick and convenient facial authentication for people of different heights and is ADA compliant for use with wheelchairs.


Duo can be used in dual mode (face & palm vein) when a heightened level of security is required – or in single mode, when the users might be wearing e.g. a mask or gloves that limit the usage of one of the authentication methods.

Duo offers an RFID card reader option, Wiegand communication, and is compatible with any existing system lowering your initial investment. Designed for flexibility, the Duo can be mounted on the wall or a gate with its specially designed stand.

Unparalleled Security

Palm vein authentication is extremely reliable with a near zero false acceptance rate and the facial modality is capable of recognizing and rejecting spoofing attempts. All biometric templates are securely saved using AES 256 data encryption, and the readers are equipped with a tamper switch.

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