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End User - System General

Q : How do I know when the batteries in my devices need replacing?
Q : How can I tell if my children have arrived home safely from school?
Q : Is it necessary to have my security system maintained?
Q : How reliable are wireless security systems?
Q : How do I change my user code?
Q : How can I unset my system without a tag/fob?
Q : How can I change the time and date on my system?
Q : Can I get a discount on my home insurance if I have a security system fitted?
Q : Can I disable/enable the display backlight on my keypad?

End User - Product Specification

Q : What is the advantage of having wireless smoke detectors connected to my security systrem?

End User - Product Faults

Q : What can cause false alarms with smoke detectors?
Q : What can cause false alarms with movement detectors?

End User - Maintenance and Support

Q : What happens in the event of a power cut?
Q : The range of my device seems less than declared?
Q : I have pets - will the system still work?
Q : How long does the outside bell ring for? do I really need one?
Q : How long do batteries last in Enforcer peripheral devices?
Q : How do I silence alarms?
Q : Can I be notified when my system is set or unset?
Q : Can I set my alarm system at night?

End User - General Questions

Q : What products do Pyronix offer?
Q : How do I find a Installer of Pyroinx' products?

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